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What is our Services and Nutrient Management Planning

Our Services:

Agricultural Operations:
Nutrient Management Strategies and Plans
Annual Record Keeping Updates
Agronomic Recommendations
Field Assessment/Scouting
In Season Manure Application Recommendations

Non-Agricultural Operations:
Nutrient Management Strategies and Plans
for Municipal Treatment and Storage of Biosolids.

Nutrient management legislation now exists in Ontario. It says that farms in Ontario will need to have a NMS / P (Nutrient Management Strategy / Plan).
The Nutrient Management Act, 2002, requires any building project relating to livestock housing or manure storage facility to have an approved nutrient management strategy (NMS) before a building permit will be issued. This applies to all farms that generate more than five nutrient units and are proposing to build, expand or renovate.
Size of farms is measured in Nutrient Units. This legislation should help ensure clean, safe drinking water throughout Ontario.

What is an Nutrient Management Strategies and Plans

A NMS / P (Nutrient Management Strategy / Plan) is documentation that the nutrients your farm produces are being used in an environmentally responsible manner. A NMS / P does fairly calculate the nutrients that should be produced from your livestock operation. With current soil test values, a planned crop rotation and your yield data, it should be relatively simple to calculate the acres of your crops needed to use these nutrients.

Ontario agriculture did see the need of legislation to accomplish this. This has been difficult in an industry as diverse as farming in Ontario.

Detailed information about the Nutrient Management Act is available at this OMAF web site.
The Ontario Ministry of the Environment website.



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