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Financial Assistance Programs

Canada-Ontario Farm Stewardship Program (COFSP)

Environmental Cost-Share Programs available to farmers through the Canada-Ontario Environmental Farm Plan:

- Canada-Ontario Farm Stewardship Program (COFSP)
- Greencover Canada (GC)
- Canada-Ontario Water Supply Expansion Program (COWSEP)

The voluntary cost-share programs available are generally a continuation of programs offered through the Agricultural Policy Framework from April 2005 through March 2008. To provide some program stability and smooth transition while new initiatives are developed through Growing Forward [the new agricultural policy framework] the programs will be offered in 2008 only. Ontario producers with an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) Third Edition deemed appropriate through peer review may be eligible to apply for cost-share programs to implement environmental projects identified in their EFP action plans. Eligible producers may choose to participate in one or more cost-share programs. Specific terms and conditions apply to each program.


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Funding Programs

Project Eligibility Guidelines
- Source Water Protection Early Funding
- Growing Forward