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September 2013

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Farms with over 300 NU are required to have an OMAFRA approved nutrient management strategy and plan. A farm with 45,000 Laying hens has 300 NU, as does a dairy farm milking 210 cows.

Farms that are constructing, expanding, or renovating either a manure storage or animal housing are required to have an approved nutrient management plan if they have greater than 5 NU. They need an approved nutrient management strategy in order to get a building permit.

What is a Nutrient Management Strategy? What is a Nutrient Management Plan?

Simply stated, a Strategy deals with the generation and storage of manure; whereas a Plan deals with cropping practices and the application of manure to fields.

A NM Strategy includes information about the farmstead location, barn sizes, manure storages, how many animals are housed and where manure is stored. There are calculated average amounts of manure produced for all types of livestock across the province. A strategy also details distances of manure storages and barns from potential sites of contamination to ground water or surface water (wells, tile inlets, ditches, etc.)

A NM Plan is about how and where the nutrients (in manure) are applied to the land. It also includes details about sensitive features, tile inlets, hickenbottoms, surface water etc.

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