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March 2014

Welcome to Crop Quest Inc.'s blog! Our blog will be updated monthly with information about nutrient management, as well as updates about the company and what we do. 

This month's newsletter is a little different from what I usually put together. I had planned to do a review of manure spills, looking at the causes, what could have been done to prevent them, etc. 

In my searches for some examples, I found an excellent resource posted online by the Thames River Conservation Authority. Take a look at this website &.pdf file and think about these spills. They are all real instances that have happened in Ontario. 

Ask yourself; 
Was the manure spill an accident?
What could have been done to prevent this spill from happening?
Could this happen on my farm?
Do I have a contingency plan if a spill occurs?

For example, look at the fourth example, the "Equipment Failure". The farmer was charged under the Water Resources Act citing lack of ‘due diligence’ and ‘failure to notify’ the Spills Action Centre. 

Although the equipment failed, and the farmer DID repair it, and DID make " Some attempt to scoop up the manure pooled near the breakage ", this was not good enough. The farmer should have immediately called the Spills Action Centre, and they could have helped instruct him about celaning up the spill properly, and he may have avoided charges. 

It is important to know your legal requirements. Check out our
Emergency Spills Checklist & consider bookmarking it to your smartphone. This way it is on hand should you ever have a manure spill on your farm.

Amy VanStraaten

Communications & Media Relations
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