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January 2014

Welcome to Crop Quest Inc.'s blog! Our blog will be updated monthly with information about nutrient management, as well as updates about the company and what we do. 

Welcome to 2014! Along with the new year, come some new rules & regulations. Below is a summary of the changes that apply to Anaerobic digesters in Ontario. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

There have been some changes to the Nutrient Management Regulation, O.Reg 267/03. These changes will apply to all on-farm anaerobic digesters, and may neccessitate a change for your facility. The following relates to those operating a Regulated Mixed Anaerobic Digestion Facility (RMADF) in Ontario. 

The following changes apply to existing facilities; 

  • RMADFs can now treat up to 50% off-farm materials (the old maximum was 25%). Prior to increasing your intake of off-farm materials, your Nutrient Management Strategy must be updated and approved by OMAF. Contact us at the main office, or contact your planner directly to get this process started. 
  • Deliveries of off-farm materials may only occur between 7am-7pm effective immediately
  • The facility must have a public sign - effective immediately
    • Sign must be visible from the road
    • Must include name and contact information of the operator
    • Must indicate tha there is an RMADF on-site
  • All sampling ports (both liquid and gas) will need a secondary shut-off valve installed by July 1, 2016
  • If gas storage cover is replaced, it must meet the new gas permeability standards

The following applies to larger existing facilities (>50m3 of biogas per hour)

  • Over/under pressure relief valves at larger facilities will need a monitoring valve installed by July 1, 2016
  • A mandatory second combustion system is required at the site for larger facilities as soon as the RMADF begins to recieve more than 25% off-farm materials

There are other changes that apply only when a new RMADF is built, or when an existing facility undergoes a construction expansion.

If you have any questions about the changes and how they impact your operation, please 
contact us directly, or call the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Toll Free: 1-877-424-1300

Amy VanStraaten
Communications & Media Relations
Certified Consultant / Planner


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