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February 2014

Welcome to Crop Quest Inc.'s blog! Our blog will be updated monthly with information about nutrient management, as well as updates about the company and what we do. 

Welcome to February! Here in south-western Ontario we have been experiencing a cold winter, and lots of blowing snow. The drifts have been closing roads, and making driving conditions pretty awful. As farmers, many of us are lucky to live where we work – but there have been issues with frozen water lines, drafty barns, and tractors that just don’t want to start. With all this going on, we will talk about a nice, indoor activity you can look forward to this winter – paperwork. '

Now, I am one of those people who happen to enjoy paperwork, but I know that isn’t the case for many. Nutrient Management Strategies & Plans are on a 5-year renewal basis. Every 5 years, you are required by law to update your strategy and report to OMAF that you have done so. This may seem simple; you think your farm practices haven’t changed in 5 years. You might be surprised at how much they have changed. Either way, your renewal process will go much more smoothly if you have completed the annual review and update of your strategy.

          At least once per year you should get out your binder (remember that thing?) and take a look at your plan with all interested parties, family, employees, etc. You may want to contact your Nutrient Management Planner, we are always happy to help you review and update any changes that may have occurred since the last submitted plan. This review may take some time depending on the size of your operation, but is well worth the time. It gives you a chance to look at all aspects of your operation, number of animals, manure production & storage, manure application, crop rotation, and more.

         In case you need another reason to get you to sit down and take a look at your plan, there is one more important one: you are required to, by law. The requirement is that you must maintain a record of the annual review and update for inspection.  This is along with the legal requirement to complete and submit the renewal every five years. We are more than happy to meet with you annually to assist with this review, contact your planner to arrange a renewal meeting.  

So, here is your checklist to get your update underway;

1.  All farmers must renew their strategy 
2.  Farmers with only a strategy must also complete a 1 year plan at renewal.
3.  Farmers who are required to have a plan in force must also renew the plan for five years
4.  All renewals must be completed by a Certified NM Consultant
5.  The renewed strategy and plan must be kept on the farm and made available for inspection
6.  A completed Nutrient Management Farm Registration form must be submitted to OMAF
7.  The Registration must declare that the strategy and plan have been renewed.
8. Soil samples must be up to date and manure analysis should be available
9. Manure application records and crop yield information should be available
10. Records of each required annual review and update of the strategy and plan should be available.

Amy VanStraaten
Communications & Media Relations
Certified Consultant / Planner


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