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About Cropquest

We are an established Nutrient Management Company that supplies agronomy services and Nutrient Management Services to farmers all across Ontario.

We formed as a partnership in early 2000, and with more people coming on board, officially incorporated in 2001 as Crop/Quest Inc.

We currently are a collective group of 11, with 9 active nutrient management planners . We continue to have a growing workload with renewal of existing plans, and growth with the recognition of our group’s capability to address Municipal work, with our experience in the agricultural sector. We continue to be involved in the Ontario Agriculture Industry through exhibiting and attending many annual trade shows, including Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show and the Canadian Dairy XPO.

Additionally, our services are now available through Stratford Agri Analysis, Cargill, Sylvite, Thompson’s, select Agromarts, and WESA (Water and Earth Science Associates Ltd.)

We have gained considerable experience in doing Nutrient Management Strategies and Plans. We also have consultants certified to conduct Non-Ag Source Material (NASM) Plans. This is a rapidly growing area of our business. We are also available to assist farmers in preparing Source Water Protection Plans.We complete plans for large and small operations, in all sectors of agriculture. 
We have also been part of projects such as the Walkerton Wellhead Nitrogen Assessment Project. This project set out to determine the level of influence that agricultural farming practices in may or may not be having on the elevated nitrate levels in nearby Municipal Wells. As well, we worked with WESA on the Wilmot Centre Nitrogen Study.
Our consultants have agricultural backgrounds and apply common sense to the exercise. We do NMS / P´s, we do them well and at a reasonable price.


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